Advanced Athletics VR Motorbike Equipment Simulator

Motion simulator
3 DOF dynamic simulator platform provides an excellent immersive experience.

New design
Outstanding design, attracting customers at first sight.

FRP material
Fiber Reinforced Polymer material construction, reliable and environmentally friendly.



Bike Riding Fitness VR allows you play VR games and exercise at the same time.

What is Top Multiplayer Game Virtual World VR Bike?

VR bike is a kind of advanced athletic VR Equipment,It’s a machine with a basis of VR virtual reality technology and human computer interaction through exercise-biking, using both advanced sensor system and wireless project,and turning into reality through stereoscopic display and other multi model interaction techniques.

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health and fitness, our Fuhua vr bike can provide you competitons and sports fun integration experience,bring you health and happiness.

How to play?

1.Wear VR glasses, click to select the game, and then start or eye location to start.

2.Keep track the road or channel to move by stepping .

3.Accelerate by quick stepping on the pedal to race or play shooting game.

Customers Experiencing Photo

Our factory has 9d vr sports machines including vr running, vr boat, vr bike can not only for fun but for education to let people know the importance of health, then keep fit.

We have exported many 9d vr game machines to more than 50 countries including Qatar, Dubai, Maylasia, Peru and ect.

We have much prefessional exporting experience and vr business advice which not only can help you make big money vr business but catch this new technology opportunity to do high profit investment.

indoor vr bike vr fitness bicycle vr sport games simulator

indoor vr bike vr fitness bicycle vr sport games simulator

Product Specification

The vr bike machine packing list including 9d vr bike experience platform, screen console, Deepon VR Glasses.

indoor vr bike vr fitness bicycle vr sport games simulator

Configuration Parameter:

Item OMAZING High-Tech 9D VR Fitness Bike
Size 180*60*160cm (bike)   52*54*150cm(pc console)
Weight 180KG
Player 1/2/4/6
Voltage 220V
Power 1500W
VR Headset DPVRTM E3
CPU i5,Asus mainboard
Occupied Area 3 m2
Speaker 500W active speaker
Game No. 4pcs games
Configuration HD VR glasses+dynamic bike+PC controller+Content Control system+ VR Games + Active Speaker

 Games for your reviews:

 indoor vr bike vr fitness bicycle vr sport games simulator

Application Reference:

As a leading R&D and production manufacturer of vr simulator, 4D/5D/7D/9D Cinema, earthquake, typhoon and other safty education experience Hall.

We have a complete VR product line and can provide you a professional one-stop VR solution and design for your game center ,theme park, activities, shop and so on.

You can do vr business everywhere, there are some recommending application places.

1. Tourist attractions,
2. All kinds of Club,including gym club,company and private club,
3. Star hotels,
4. KTV,
5. Movie theater, home theater,
6. Arcade game center and theme park,
7. Auto show,
8. Supermarket,shopping mall,
9. Science promotion activities and so on.

Sucessful Cases

indoor vr bike vr fitness bicycle vr sport games simulator


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