High Speed Electric Racing Car VR Driving Simulator 3d With 3d Virtual Reality Glasses For Indoor Amusement Park

1. Cool lights and acrylic
2. HD VR Glasses and seat, Using the steering wheel
3. Unique metal appearance
4. 21 or 42 Inch TV




VR Racing Car Simulator is a new VR game machine with cool white-red appearance, it’s simulating real driving experience and reaches the international advanced level. You can run on the track and enjoy a comfortable seat, 360 HD Rotating VR Headset, flexible imported steering wheel, appropriate dynamic motion platform, exclusive exciting high-definition games,  online competition support, which challenge fast & furious and restore realistic driving experience, let the play immersive and thrilling to experience the VR world!


Amazing experience! Our VR racing simulator enables every person without real-life risk to get real emotions experienced by a true extreme sportsman. It is compact, easy to handle and highly technological.
VR super racing simulator offers unlimited business opportunities. The popularity of the vr racing simulator  is due to the fact that users want to experience these feelings again and again, to feel adrenaline and drive. Often they will ask you to repeat the video.
Motor racing details:



Packaging & Shipping
bubble pack+stretch films+wood frame/woodbox

After-sales Service:

a. 1 Year warranty for hardware!
b.  Technical support in a lifetime!
C. Please send us the inquiry for more details


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